Big Old To-Do List

Okay, so I have quite a to-do list going on, crafty wise. Next wednesday (augh i am so running out of time alskjdf;laskufjowierul;kjfds what is wrong with meeeee *spazzfit*) I am co-hosting a double babyshower. I am super over ambitious and like to work under pressure, apparently, since that’s how i keep doing everything. The plan is to make up some invitations (which go out on sunday), make some boxes into pretty memory boxes, and make some notebooks into pretty notebooks where the guests will post the best and worst parenting / baby advice they have recieved.  Personally, best = she will not die from crying. If there is nothing else wrong, just put her to bed and let her cry. Odds are she is just tired anyways.  worst = ‘you can get her ears pinned back for free’. I had nothing to say to that one but “hm.” or something equally clever. Would do alter the looks of this baby?DSC04639

I think her ears are cute and funny and do not stick out enough to need surgery, by far! yeesh.

Anyways. To Do List.
I also want to see if I can do anything with my grad dress. Whether I made a gorgeous skirt or a top or even see if I can throw in some boning and make it into a laceup dress. And I went to fix the hem of a cream coloured cord skirt I made out of old cord pants, and they were lovely but one hem I did I apparently overestimated the amount of hem before stitching because it came out. And I couldn’t find the stitch ripper so I tried ripping the seam and I TOTALLY RIPPED THE SKIRT. So I would like to see if I can salvage any of it to make DD a skirt out of it, because it is a nice colour of cord and i’m so mad about it. 
I would also like to continue on knitting Gigi, I am nearly done Left Front and must forge on to complete Right Front because them I’m just seaming and DONE! My summer sweater in time for fall. Speaking of sweaters, I also want to unravel this tunic sweater I bought for $5 at Old Navy last year and knit a sweatery jackety thing instead, there’s more than enough yarn for it. It’s a nice cotton/lambswool blend in a natural lightbrown kind of colour but I might try dye it dark brown. It just bags on me though so that’s why I’m refashioning it.

So, to do… boxes, invites, notebooks… Gigi, grad dress, unravel/redo sweater… and I want to do it all yesterday. That and make a wallet for me and for DH out of an old pleather jacket of his with a rip in it. And possibly turn an old suit of his into a new suit for me but I have to go relook at the colour first. Need more hours in the day, and less TV as well. lol.

I’d like to end with a THANKYOU to knittin4britain, she killed me in Yarn Smackdown with the most gorgeous merino/cashmere pink lace scarf and I feel like such a fox wearing it.

DSC05117  I love this scarf LONGTIME. it’s long and pretty and soft and i love it.

PS if anyone can name all the feet in this picture, and the wierd metal thingie (possibly a screwdriver) I swear I’ll knit/crochet them something and send it. Because I think I found most of them online but if somebody is sure about them that’d be fab. They came with my sewing machine from my mom, and a manual DID NOT.


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