Well, I’m back from camping. I have a lovely tan, no burn, and a newly strengthened resolution to get back on the weightloss wagon. Nothing makes you realize you’re getting to an uncomfortable state of weight than camping in hot weather. I’ve felt like I looked fat for a bit, but I didn’t really FEEL fat until last week when I was camping. So I’m going to go down to the pool and buy a little thingie where I can swim as much as I want for three months. Cheaper than a gym membership, less commitmenty, and I love swimming. Now if only I had some sort of underwater ipod device.

One of my favourite friends just let me in on a big ole secret that she’s preggers. I’m so excited for her. Gonna start stashing my baby clothes and hoping she has a girl. I think she’d be pretty happy with that too, and I know she’d love my babyclothes stash. And she, like me, is one of those people who will totally take a good clothing stash any day. It’s not charity, it’s recycling, and it’s awesome. Especially when it’s all well taken care of and nice namebrands. Some of which is second hand, some of which is not. Some of which is from other people’s stashes of baby clothes! Love sharing the babyclothes love.

Speaking of babyclothes, ever since I saw a project on craftster to turn a mens shirt into an adorable toddler dress I’ve been eyeing up all the men in church and deciding whether thier shirt would make a cute dress or not. rofl. Mentally undressing them… to steal thier clothes. I need to go on a good thriftstore run!

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