Wardrobe Refashion

I’m going to take the challenge for the 2 Month Pledge at Wardrobe Refashion starting in September. It would be an interesting and creative challenge. It would also prompt me to think of new and creative ways to use this new beast i have tamed, Mr Sewing Machine. In particular it will be fun for DD, I can turn all those clothes I’m too fat for(don’t try tell me I’m not fat, I am and it’s because I am too lazy to exercise and I am very aware. I was super healthy and active when I was pregnant and just after, and then just became overly sedentary and I don’t deserve comfort, I deserve a kick in the pants.) into beautiful clothes for her. She’s so cool she can pull anything off.


I’m going to be on holidays next week! Yay. I shall be camping. The weather is supposed to be unbearably hot. I shall come home brown and I was going to say thinner but I looked over and noticed the giant pile of junkfood we obtained for camping, so I’ll go with Hopefully Not Fatter instead.

DH has a new job. He will have longer hours. I’m hoping for a new job too, I really want a job at my local fabric store, they are looking, I just need to convince them that I am the one they are looking for!!! I will pursue this job because it sounds fun, I was talking to one of the ladies that works there and there are some sweet perks that involve free patterns and free stuff to make the patterns, followed by that item being on display for three weeks, and then it’s yours. ooh lala. Me want. Plus she said the boss was really nice and everyone was nice. And a lot of the ladies are older ladies, and I love older ladies, they are often so nice. And older ladies often love babies, and anyone who loves babies loves mine in particular, for she loves everybody. Even people who don’t love babies love her because she forces them with her contagious smile and laugh.


There is honestly something wrong with you if this kid can’t make you smile back.

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