New Obsession

I finally sewed my first thing and now I’m hooked. The basic concept isn’t as hard as I’d thought. Now that I’ve started, I’m so excited! I can make clothes that look way cuter than I can afford, in a matter of hours! Which is great, because I’ve reset my DD’s internal clock a bit and changed her from two awkwardly timed naps to one nicely timed nap. Now she goes down for her ONE nap at around lunchtime, for as long as she needs, and then goes to bed at 7:00 for the night. This is excellent! That one extra hour at night makes the whole evening feel more open, because 8 is a bit late to start doing things, whereas seven is just perfect.

My husband is a mix of enthusiastic of less than thrilled. He told me I have to finish knitting my sweater before I can go on a shopping spree in fabricland. I understand this, Gigi must be completed. And the poor guy has kind of watched me bounce from hobby to hobby a bit this year. I’m still a fan of scrapbooking, I just like knitting and sewing too! And I think that having all three is actually an amazing thing. Crossing the concepts over back and forth is great! From scrapbooking, I have a good grasp on combining colours and adding embellishments, both helpful in knitting and sewing. And in knitting and sewing (and crochet, but I bunch that in with knitting) I’m creating garments. Once I get more skilled at sewing, I will barely need to buy things! haha. Theoretically. However, I’m going hunting for a part time job tomorrow, because I enjoy working, so I’m thinking I won’t have the boundless time to sew that I’d like to think I have.


Here’s my little cutie patootie modelling the first thing I sewed, a cute little skirt for her! (and DH in back engrossed in his own hobby)


It is far from perfect, but I doubt anyone will notice, and I’m pretty proud considering it’s my first garment. Or at least, my first since I sewed a polarfleece hat in Grade Seven Sewing Class!

I’ll end off with one last picture, one of my favourites of DH and DD together, and totally unrelated to any hobbies aside from photography in and of itself.


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