Sweet Day

DOING: pausing while cleaning / organizing my office / craft room
LISTENING TO: Natasha Bedingfield, Pocket Full of Sunshine.

One thing I miss, since becoming a mom, is solitude. I was an oldest child in a family with six kids, and I liked to spend a lot of time in my room by myself. Playing gameboy, reading, writing, drawing… And then when I moved out, I had two roomies and enjoyed spending time with them, but I still relished time spent alone. I’m not a loner, I love being out with people. But I relish those little bits of time where it’s just me, myself, and I, sometimes.

Today is one of those days. My mom works at a school, so she’s off for the summer. So today, this Tuesday in the middle of summer, which happens to be a cloudy blah kind of day, I have solitude. Today I am listening to music, drinking coffee, and reorganizing my special room that I have the priveledge of having as just mine. That’s something I really appreciate, and I should probably mention it to my husband how much. How rare it is for a wife and mother to be as lucky as me, to have this decently-sized room all to myself! It features a desk that wraps from in the closet beside the door, around the corner, and down a long wall of the room. My husband built this desk for me, a surprise that I designed in a ‘some day’ kind of way. There are shelves and drawers and special places all around this room for me to tuck all my crafting supplies and various how-to books. (I don’t see a point in buying a novel unless it’s a classic, but I love collecting books that tell me how to do things, and it must be contagious because my husband is starting to do the same.) And of course, pictures of my favourite and most beloved people, and those few trinkets that I pick up on a whim, scattered around as well. This room will be a great room! I just have to make it that way. It’s so close to being all the way unpacked. Next I’ll have to go out and buy some paint or something! I’m so thrilled.

Well, break time is over. Time to refill my coffee cup and get back to work!

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