k2tog or dc

Do you understand one or both of those terms? I’m proud to say I understand, and can easily do, both! I enjoy knitting and crochet both, and don’t prefer one over the other… they’re both great. I just like them for different things. I like them both for their unique qualities and the different results I can get from them, and I don’t find either one particularly harder to do than the other. I really don’t understand the knit vs crochet thing that seems to happen a lot in the yarn-working communities. Maybe it just has to do with many ladies fiercely loving to bitch at each other? I’ve never been keen on that, myself. I am pretty good at taking somebody down a notch, if I have to, don’t get me wrong. But I really don’t enjoy other people making me feel small, and I really don’t enjoy doing it to other people, either! I’ve been there, it sucks, and I’d just as rather avoid taking anyone else on the trip.

I’m working on two main projects right now. I’m almost finished one of them… a crocheted child’s top by Lion Brand Yarn. It’s for my niece, Morgan. It’s her birthday tomorrow! I’m doing it up in Peaches N Cream cotton.

The other is still Gigi. It’s coming along great, I’ve only got another 2 inches or so to go on the sleeves for the back. It’s quite the project and it’s taking forever, but I’m so in love with it. I can’t wait until I’m done! It’s a project I put down and pick up a lot. I go on little binges of it, you could say. And then I get sick of it and pick up a little project, like Morgan’s top or Chris’ hat. (Lidsville) … actually, I’m not quite done that, either. Or rather, I’m done it, but not satisfied. I have to undo the brim and put some sturdier plastic in there. I figured I’d be clever and just massacre a milk carton for my own devices, but that really isn’t sturdy enough to hold up the bulky yarn I’ve used. I’d better get on it, too… my DH is pretty excited about that hat. It’s great to see that… he thinks my hobbies are cool but this is the first time I’ve ever really made him something, most of my stuff has been baby stuff, and he is super psyched.


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