Sew cool!

How unbelievably cheesy is that title? Never mind, how unbelievably cheesy am I lately? But I’m loving it. I knit, I crochet (okay, I’ve crocheted since I was about ten), I cook and clean, and now I sew. I should sew myself a sassy little apron. I’m so domestic lately. Which makes me want to go off on a tangent, but I’ll finish what I started first.

I would totally recommend anyone who happens to have access to a sewing machine and some old jeans to check out this link. I’m sure we’ve all got the basic concept of turning an old pair of jeans into a skirt, but this one really ices the cake. I had very little trouble doing this, and I probably could have done it all in one afternoon if I didn’t have the wee one gnawing on my ankles and unravelling yarn and/or destroying everything in my craft room. I love that it’s got the stylish flare to it, and it’s a very flattering skirt. Even if the jeans you are starting with are a little snug, if they’re low riders (which I can not pull off now that I’ve had the wee one, anyways) you can just hike the skirt up a bit that tends to be less of an issue. For myself, at the very least. The only thing I’d warn you about is if your jeans are more faded on the top/bottom than they are on the opposite (bottom/top) you are really going to see it. But still, that is fine enough for a casual skirt.

Anyways, off to my tangent. I find it a little ridiculous how critical women have to be of each other. I do not judge anyone for choosing to go the daycare route. I don’t tell anyone they should not be working, that their child should be at home with them. So why do I get to feel like I’m a throwback for choosing to stay home? Why do I get to be a joke and a mockery to ‘confident women’ (how confident can you really be if you need to bring others down to build yourself up?) because I cook and clean and sew and knit? Just because I do these things, and choose this route, I don’t think there is anything wrong with not being able to do those things. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with choosing daycare, if you think it’s right for you! I think that everyone knows themselves and their own child best. Not everyone can be the best mom they can be when they are at home! I’m still not sure that I am one of the moms that should even be at home. I question myself regularly over whether I’d be more cheerful and more loving and more attentive if i wasn’t at home all the time. And I think that’s where the problem lies… I bet that working moms do the same thing, questioning themselves. And they criticize stay at home moms and justify themselves by saying the child will be more confident later in life if they go to daycare. Why? Because if everyone were doing the exact same thing it would be so much easier to feel confident that you were doing the right thing!  Yes, some children may be better off in daycare, depending on themselves and depending on what their mom DOES when she is at home! However, some children may grow up happier if they are at home. It is a case by case kind of a thing! There are so many different factors, there is no general right or wrong answer. And as long as people continue to demand one, and criticize their opposites, everyone will be wrong, and we will all continue to question whether or not we’re doing the right thing. If your inner voice says you are, and your child is happy and confident, then YES! You ARE doing the right thing… for You and Your Family.  Not necessarily for Them and Theirs, but for You and Yours, and that is what matters!

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