Why thank you, my dear….

So I had a pretty hectic weekend. I dyed my hair back to brunette, and then got it cut in a sassy Victoria-Beckham-esque bob. Much more ‘me’ than the blonde curls were. As a direct result of the torture my hair has been through in the past six weeks, it feels pretty fake. No hard feelings, though… it’s much easier to style than when it was super healthy. You win some, you lose some.

Also as a direct result of this, people seemed to suddenly assume I was on top of things. Large and In Charge. Savvy. Well, this is all true, in the right circumstances. However, at a funeral of my great-grandfather where I knew nearly no one, and had no clue what was going on, this was not super great. Everyone should not be asking the clueless person what to do or where to be. I was just along for the ride, and had no idea who all the people who ‘remembered me as a baby’ were. I felt a bit silly every time somebody assumed I looked like a good candidate to ask about something!

Anyways, I pretty much did not see my DH (darling husband, for those not in the know) for the entire weekend. We were supposed to have some face-time on Saturday after the funeral, but then that didn’t pan out after all… he had ‘stuff to do’ and I wanted a chance to visit with my uncle from the Island in BC. Haven’t seen him in about six years!

It turned out that the ‘stuff to do’ that my husband was talking about was for me! I had some plans and ideas for my office/craft room that I wanted done sometime in the near future. Basically a wraparound desk that goes down one wall and partially into another, in what was once a closet. I also had inherited my mom’s sewing machine, which is actually shiny and new but had a broken piece so my mom had given up on it and bought a new one. Well, my DH surprised me by building my desk and fixing the sewing machine! So exciting. This was a great weekend for me!

And to top it off I got a random phonecall for a job interview for a sales management position somewhere. I really have no idea what exactly the job is, to be honest. We’ll see when I get there! They pulled my resume out of a database, gave me a quick phone interview (during which i barricaded myself in my toddler’s bedroom while she screeched at me from the other side of the door. phonecalls tend to mean grandma or daddy, and she wanted the phone!) and liked the impression he got of me. Not sure I’ll take the job, we’ll see what happens! I’m not really looking hard for a job anyways, I enjoy working but I don’t Need a job, so I won’t settle for something that doesn’t sound enjoyable!

TTYL folk!

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