Delighted and Annoyed

Okay, worst comes first.

Working on Lidsville hat from Son of Stitch N Bitch. Just doing it an acrylic for a test run, the hubs wants one, but obviously the white acrylic one shan’t be for him…

I’m totally frustrated though, i should be done by now. Literally. I’ve gotten so annoyed with putting this thing together! Upside down, inside out… i’ve never had such problems with seaming before! argh. Finally attack the top to the back and they’re both attached at the right side… and the back (comprised of four pieces) is seam side out!

rippit. rippit.

I’m sick of frogging these seams! That’s four or five times now. argh. I refuse to let myself start anything else until i finish the dang thing though!

Okay, happytime.

My bamboo needle set and bamboo yarn came in the mail yesterday! Waaay faster than I anticipated! so excited. gotta make up a needle case for the needles soon. yay yay yay. So pretty. I really hope I love knitting with them.

And now I just have to pick a project to do with the yarn… it’s sport weight and chocolate coloured and yummy. I’m currently looking at Gigi from Knitty Summer, Marilyn by Berrocco design team, and kind of the Honeymoon Cami from Knitty as well, but not so much. I don’t have quite enough yarn for Marilyn but I’m looking more at the top and thinking how gorgeous of a cami would that be. I think I actually would like Gigi more in a variegated yarn similar to the pictures. Any suggestions for what to do? I have approx 1400 to 1500 yards of sport weight bamboo here in a sexy chocolate worth eating.

Lor Out!

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