Sick and Tired… and Crazy

So apparently being sick makes me a little nuts. You see, I am a brunette. Hardcore. Depending on the product in it, my hair looks anywhere between a lightish brunette or a dark chocolate.

Well, as I type this, I’m sitting at the computer with a crapload of bleach in my hair. I’ve considered going blonde in the past, but I don’t think I have ever been so … I dunno, active on that thought? lol.

If it doesn’t work out, I will go back to brunette faster than you can say I Refuse To Look Like I’m Blonde Just For The Sake Of Being Blonde. But if it looks cute, I’ll have it for summer. And then I’m thinking of going blackish + red with a rockin little angled bob a la posh spice (not her shortie short one, but her regular chin length hair one.) … another thing that’s a little crazy, but something I need right now. I’m a little sick of being mistaken for my early thirties / mid twenties… I’m 21. TWENTY ONE. In the states, that would make me just legal to drink. (Here I’ve been able to since I was 18)

I’M STILL JUST A YOUNG’UN! I AM NOT BUYING THIS AIR HOCKEY TABLE FOR MY SON, WALMART TEENAGER GUY! I AM BUYING IT FOR ME AND MY HUSBAND! AAAAUGH!!!! I’d have to have had a baby the first time I had my period to have a son old enough to play air hockey. yeesh.

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