Highly Caffeinated

Wow, so I’m drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee today. I have a gomug going steady. It’s pretty ridic.

So I’m starting to get somewhere on reknitting Katja, but customized… Nicole’s halter top is coming along nicely! I am probably at least halfway done at this point… it’s mostly knitting in the round with an occasionally round or two of purls just for decoration. And then I get to do some math and see if I can make the pattern in a size 5T bordering on 6T for Morgan. It looks a lot different now that I’m actually knitting right! haha… I can’t believe I was doing everything into the back of the stitch. Dorkstick, right there. But I did like the effect of doing it ‘wrong’ on the halter from when I made it for Chelsea’s baby gift, so I’m doing the cups totally different than the project recommends.

Man I have to chill it on the coffee, I have to pee AGAIN… LOL. And yet I go pee and then refill the gomug. But I did turn the coffee pot off, this is my last one! I try to stay away from it at night, now, too… ever since nicole started sleeping through the night I haven’t been able to drink it at night or I won’t sleep. Never thought I’d wind up missing any aspects of sleep deprivation! But there you go, I just love my coffee fix to bits.

Going to try and bake a cake from scratch today, including making icing. It’s a recipe from Rachael Ray magazine and it doesn’t look too hard. Wish me luck, haha. I’m generally not that into baking, it’s hard to customize unless you really know what you’re doing. Cooking is more my dealie.

Words cannot express how much nicer my livingroom is now that the wood panelling has been replaced with walls painted chocolate candy brown and bird’s egg blue. (a la Benjamin Moore) … it’s like a different room altogether. I feel like I should have a new housewarming party, lol. I’m pretty much settled into the house now, I just really have to pick up some sort of shelving or organization for my office so I can do that. Otherwise I’m mostly set! Gotta try and do the office this week yet so everything is done in the course of one month, then I get mental brownie points from myself. Which might translate into a girls night out or something? hmmm… Although I’m already treating myself to a mani-pedi this month, my feet are like, velcroing to stuff and the skin around my nails is driving me nuts, so it’s practically maintenance and not a treat. haha. I’ll just tell myself that….


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