I Dare You

In the event that people start reading my blog again, after my slightly less-than-brief absence, I want to give a shoutout
to another blog of sorts, kind of, called The Dares. http://www.efferdares.com/ is a blog/website kinda thingymabob (that is the technical term, just so you’re
educamated) that gives ideas and/or inspirations to Scrapbookers! They have a book called We Dare You. The description they give for thier book is as follows:

Here it is. The Dare book! We worked super hard on this and we hope you love it as much as we do! It’s chock full of inspiration…from interesting techniques to thought provoking journaling prompts. There are 40 dares total (with 38 being never before seen!) and plenty of ideas and prompts to get your scrapping started. Whatever you’re looking for, this is the place to find it!
Inside you will find brilliant artwork from
Laura Kurz, Jamie Bagley, Allison Flynn, Jill Hornby, Linda Buranasakorn, Jamaica Edgell, Sarah Bowen, Erika Hernandez, Michelle Guray, Jessica Fulkerson and Anja Wade and all of the Dare girls.
We Dare You So go check it out and buy it cause it rules!

I don’t currently own the book but I think I would like to. It’s a pretty neat idea. I have the website at the top of my links, not that I’ve actually followed any of the dares thus far but I keep them in the back of my mind, and if one hits that really strikes me I will do it for sure.

While I’m just sitting here pimping out links, although I guess if I were actually pimping I’d get something out of it, but anyways, I’m posting to my deviantart account again too. I’ve got a few digital scrapbook layouts up I think, but at the moment I’m largely posting photos and drawings. I should pull my mom’s scanner out and put it on my computer and start scanning in my drawings, I’ve got a sketchbook again and every couple of days I pop out a few half-decent drawings. Even a few really good ones, if I do say so myself. I’m particularly practising drawing babies, as I have discovered I have a sad, sad lack in that general area. I want to get a pose doll thiny and maybe a posebook as well, not the naked-people kind, I’ve heard there’s a few decent ones with people in swimsuits.

Anyways, have a great Sunday! LUVLOR.

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