My Left Armpit

I’m all about oversharing lately.
I’d just like to lodge a complaint to the general public in regards to my armpits. I have for years been a person who only needs to wear deo if they’re sweating heavily, and that’s not for deo, that’s antiperspirant because I don’t like wet armpitties. I also don’t get smelly feet, hate me if you want to, and smell my year-old-sneakers if you doubt me, that’s just the facts.
But now I have a yay armpit and a boo armpit. Ever since, surprise surprise, I had the baby.
I can jog a quarter mile and powerwalk back and my left armpit doesn’t smell at all.
I can get out of the shower and by the time I’ve gotten my undergarments on my right armpit is throwing odour to rival The Husband’s armpits.
In what world does that make sense? How ridiculous! I’ve taken up borrowing The Husband’s utility-antiperspirant/deodarant for my right armpit, and my left armpit still runs free.

On a less oversharey note, The Baby has progressed to smiling all the time, including at peekaboo and pattycake, and is also attempting to communicate. “ah” and “ooo”(with wide eyes and serious face) “mwaaaaaaah”(accompanied by very sad face) and then some sort of gurgley happy noise occassionally accompanies the smiles. I especially love how she looks at us like we’re morons sometimes when she’s trying to talk to us. And how she smiles on the way to the bathroom after she poops up her back/down her leg/all the way to south africa.
She knows. Ohhh, she knows.

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