Fart Noises

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m farting like mad today. It would be embarrassing if I had to be out in public. I went and ate beans for lunch, figuring I’d make a healthy choice. Last time I make that mistake, for serious. I’d rather be fat than smelly.
Mind you, I’m such a good girl, I’ve been keeping regular with the fitness and all that. I didn’t go for a walk/jog today because I was feeling sore in my middle regions this morning, and that’s the regions I just popped a baby out so caution caution, I’m not supposed to be working on my fitness yet, I am still just a month past the whole “childbirth” thing. But I feel great, so I’ve been powerwalking/jogging most mornings.
Pretty annoying though, I have these pants I bought while pregnant figuring I’d fit no problem. Didn’t fit right away. Now they fit my legs and my butt regions just perfectly. They fit overall perfectly, actually. Except for one thing. SKINFLAP! GROSS! All this extra skin from that pregnant belly! Grawr! Tummytuckplz? I totally would if I didn’t plan on trying for more kids next year. I just can’t believe this skin, for serious! It’s awful! Do I shove it into my pants? Do I pull it over? Either way it looks ridiculous! I’m like Adam Sandler from Click but with stretchmarks. rofl. Not quite that flappy, but still….
So it’s lowcut and underbelly-maternity pants for me, until this skin (hopefully) starts to go away. Maybe I can jog it off. But it’s skin! How do you jog off skin???!!!! Guess I will just jog off any chubbs under the skin and hope that’s good enough….?
Good thing I still have my sense of humour, or this would be kind of depressing. :p

3 thoughts on “Fart Noises

  1. I dunno chicka…it’s still kind of depressing. What’s more depressing tho is that I also have that skin flap thingy minus the cute little baby to go along with it! 🙂


  2. well the worst thing is, i really don’t know what to do with it. Aside from wearing lowcut jeans/pants/whatever. I’m not sure what flap etiquette dictates with higher pants… tuck it in? yank it out? cut it off in the middle?I’m not sure how to handle this situation!Good thing I have so many lowcut pants!


  3. oh and I should add that I still kept my sense of good humour throughout labour, to the point where a nurse commented on it.So really, still having a sense of humour about it doesn’t say much. Labour’s not all that bad (pushing is, oh yes, it is indeed.) but it’s not really something that tends to promote good humour. I think that means I’m pretty permanently good-natured.


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