Today, hm? Right.

So yesterday I had my membranes swept at my doctor’s appointment. I’ll spare the details and explanations, suffice it to say it seems like something somebody would buy you flowers after or something. Basically it involves the doc using thier finger(s) to sweep the membranes away from your uterus or whatever, thusly releasing hormones which hopefully trigger labour in the next 48 hours. And I’ll leave it at that. No labour thus far, though.
The Husband got off work pretty early and so we went to Superstore and stocked up on groceries. I don’t think we’ve spent that much on groceries at one time since our initial stockup. But we picked up a lot of stuff that he can make (ie Mac&Cheese, Pizza Pops, Mr. Noodles, and other types of freeze-dried or prepared and frozen things) because I’ve heard that cooking is going to be something I really don’t want to be doing in the few weeks after baby. Good to know health is still a concern. No, I’m half kidding, we always pick up tons of fruit, we’re big on the good stuff, yummers.
While we were getting ready to go a woman asked when I was due, and it was funny how shocked she was when I laughed and said, “Tomorrow.” She explained that it just amazes her how some pregnant ladies are out and about running errands and stuff until they day they pop. I explained that just sitting at home waiting to go into labour drives you NUTS. But still, I can only imagine how she would have reacted had I told her that I go for 20-30 minute powerwalks at least every other day, more like every day but I miss one now and then.

2 thoughts on “Today, hm? Right.

  1. Oh Laura I love your writing capabilities you make me laugh.I have no idea what it means to even get to the due date *you probably don’t want to hear that hey?* mine were two weeks early.However, they were by c-section.Hope everythign goes well with labour and delivery whenever it finally starts!!


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