Due Tomorrow

So my due date is tomorrow. I’ve gone from being super positive I’d have my baby early, to being somewhat cynical about this whole Due Date thing overall. I’m also starting to wonder if I just have some wierd form of cancer or something, because I’m sure a baby would have come out by now. Goodness only knows it’s crowded beyond belief in there. At any given time you can feel a back and a knee sticking out my front and my side. There is literally no room left for this baby to grow.
The Husband is clearly affected by this whole thing as well. He switches from trying to squeeze me like a tube of toothpaste (don’t worry, the baby is fine, it’s my internal organs that suffered from that one) to trying to talk the baby out, to whining about how long it’s taking. This from the man whose greatest suffering in this whole thing so far would probably be the fact that I cannot eat anything that tastes like it has animal fat, and thusly do not cook anything that falls under this category, with the exception of anything BBQ-ed. Poor man, with his unclogged arteries. He suffers so greatly. Especially with the whole ‘eat more fruits and vegetables’ thing.
My heart aches for him.
Oh, wait, I’m pretty sure that’s actually just the baby kicking me in the left lung. My bad. No pity for that man. Especially since he finds the whole baby concept so exciting he figures I should be pregnant again by this time next year.
(When the baby drops and then just keeps on growing, it allows the baby to smack you one in the hipbone and the ribs at the same time. Pretty awesome.)

2 thoughts on “Due Tomorrow

  1. Poor girl…you’ll pop one of these days. You know what they say helps get that baby out dontcha? heehee…winkwink, nudgenudge. Chris would approve I’m sure!


  2. Chris doesn’t like it when I tell him we need to have sex to make the baby come out. Apparently it makes it so all he can think of is ‘baby…baby…baby…baby…’ and that is apparently super nonsexy and a big turnoff.I guess i can see that…


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